2.7.7 Core-type abstracts

The Haxe Standard Library defines a set of basic types as core-type abstracts. They are identified by the @:coreType metadata and the lack of an underlying type declaration. These abstracts can still be understood to represent a different type. Still, that type is native to the Haxe target.

Introducing custom core-type abstracts is rarely necessary in user code as it requires the Haxe target to be able to make sense of it. However, there could be interesting use-cases for authors of macros and new Haxe targets.

In contrast to opaque abstracts, core-type abstracts have the following properties:

  • They have no underlying type.
  • They are considered nullable unless they are annotated with @:notNull metadata.
  • They are allowed to declare array access functions without expressions.
  • Operator overloading fields that have no expression are not forced to adhere to the Haxe type semantics.