Use Cases for Haxe

Because the Haxe Language can compile to many different platforms, it is useful in a wide variety of domains. Take a look at who is using Haxe, or explore some of the use cases below:


Haxe is popular with game creators because it is fast, has many useful libraries, and can target iOS, Android, Web and Desktop easily.

» Haxe for Game Development


Haxe gives you a powerful, type-safe language that can target JavaScript on the client and PHP, NodeJS or Neko on the server. Share code and APIs between the client and server seamlessly.

» Haxe for Web Development


Share code between key platforms. Access native functionality without sacrificing performance.

» Haxe for Mobile Development


Build cross platform desktop apps using WX Widgets, Node Webkit, Java Swing or custom UI libraries.

» Haxe for Desktop Development

Command Line

Take advantage of easy-to-use libraries to write powerful, cross platform CLI applications.

» Haxe for CLI Development

Cross-Platform APIs

Write cross platform APIs in Haxe that can be exported and shared with other languages and environments.

» Haxe for API Development