12.2.6 Loading extern classes using "require" function

since Haxe 3.2.0

Modern JavaScript platforms, such as Node.js provide a way of loading objects from external modules using the "require" function. Haxe supports automatic generation of "require" statements for extern classes.

This feature can be enabled by specifying @:jsRequire metadata for the extern class. If our extern class represents a whole module, we pass a single argument to the @:jsRequire metadata specifying the name of the module to load:

extern class FS {
  static function readFileSync(path:String, encoding:String):String;

In case our extern class represents an object within a module, second @:jsRequire argument specifies an object to load from a module:

@:jsRequire("http", "Server")
extern class HTTPServer {
  function new();

The second argument is a dotted-path, so we can load sub-objects in any hierarchy.

If we need to load custom JavaScript objects in runtime, a js.Lib.require function can be used. It takes String as its only argument and returns Dynamic, so it is advised to be assigned to a strictly typed variable.