Haxe for Desktop Apps

With Haxe you can use the language, libraries and concepts you are familiar with to create full-featured desktop apps.

When aiming for apps with a native look, you can use the Waxe project, which uses WxWidgets to build native UI on each desktop platform. You can also use frameworks such as Spring on the Java target for a native look, though it is emulated.

The most flexible interfaces can be achieved using NME or OpenFL, where you create your app using the Flash API. Libraries such as HaxeUI and StablexUI give you frameworks for crafting your User Interface.

If your strength is with HTML5, you may appreciate the Node-Webkit approach, which lets you build a HTML5 web-app, but with full access to the Node APIs so you can interact with the user's system.

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  • CastleDB

    A structured static database for easing collaboration on game projects. Built with and for Haxe, using node-webkit.

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Popular Libraries

  • Waxe

    Use WxWidgets to create desktop apps with a truly native look and feel on all major platforms. Works with the C++ and Neko targets, and integrates with NME.

  • Haxe UI

    A collection of User Interface elements for use in OpenFL and NME projects. Works with all OpenFL / NME targets.

  • Node Webkit

    Node Webkit lets you run a Webkit shell on the desktop, meaning you can use Haxe and HTML5 / JS technologies to build your app. It provides full access to the NodeJS APIs so your app can integrate with the system.


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