10.15 Haxe 3 Compatibility

since Haxe 4.0.0

Some APIs that were originally a part of the standard library have been removed in Haxe 4. To allow projects to transition from Haxe 3 more smoothly, the hx3compat library still provides these APIs. To use it, simply install it and compile the project with -L hx3compat.

The full list of APIs in hx3compat is:

  • haxe.remoting.* Haxe remoting
  • haxe.unit.* Unit testing
  • haxe.web.* Web request classes for Haxe web servers
  • neko.net.* Neko web server
  • (JavaScript target only) jQuery and SWFObject externs

Note that some of these APIs were removed from the standard library in favour of solutions in external libraries:

  • utest is a Haxe unit testing library.
  • hxnodejs can be used to produce Node.js web servers in Haxe.