Haxe Documentation

The Haxe Foundation provides the following technical documentation for the Haxe Toolkit.

Introductory tutorials can be found in the Use Cases section.

Documentation for third party libraries can be found on their respective websites, you can look at the Haxelib website to get a link to each haxelib's website or project page.


Basic introduction to the Haxe language, the compiler, the standard library, and anything else you need to get started.

» Toolkit introduction
» Editors and IDEs
» Building from source


A comprehensive manual for Haxe 3. (This assumes a familiarity with general programming concepts, it is not a beginner's tutorial.)

» Manual (Web)
» About the manual

Want to know more?
  • Looking for tutorials/code snippets? Check out our Haxe Code Cookbook.

  • Want to ask a question? See the different ways to get in contact with the community.

  • Looking for documentation on Haxe libraries? Look on the Haxelib website to find the project website for each library.

  • Want to automatically generate API documentation? Check out Dox, which can generate API docs from Haxe source code.