Haxe Documentation Introduction

You are on the right spot to learn Haxe! The Haxe Foundation provides the following documentation to guide you into the Haxe Toolkit.


Basic introduction to the Haxe language, the compiler, the standard library and anything else you need to get started.

» Haxe Language
» Haxe Language features
» Haxe Standard Library
» Editors and IDEs
» Compiler usage
» Building from source


A comprehensive manual for Haxe 4. This assumes a familiarity with general programming concepts, it is not a beginner's tutorial.

» Haxe Manual
» About the manual

API Docs

Complete API documentation for the Haxe 4 Standard Library.

» API Documentation
Older and offline documentation can be found here

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Setup your development environment

Now that you've downloaded Haxe, you can get started with a specific platform. Click on a logo to learn how to set up the development environment and how to proceed from there: