6.12 Inline Constructors

since Haxe 3.1.0

If a constructor is declared to be inline, the compiler may try to optimize it away in certain situations. There are several requirements for this to work:

  • The result of the constructor call must be directly assigned to a local variable.
  • The expression of the constructor field must only contain assignments to its fields.

The following example demonstrates constructor inlining:

class Point {
  public var x:Float;
  public var y:Float;

  public inline function new(x:Float, y:Float) {
    this.x = x;
    this.y = y;

class Main {
  static public function main() {
    var pt = new Point(1.2, 9.3);

A look at the JavaScript output reveals the effect:

Main.main = function() {
    var pt_x = 1.2;
    var pt_y = 9.3;