8.3.6 Position completion

since Haxe 3.2.0

Position completion is enabled by using the "position" mode argument (see Overview). We demonstrate it using a field. Note that it would work with local variables and types the same way:

class Main {
  static public function main() {

If this file is saved to Main.hx, the completion can be invoked using the command haxe --display Main.hx@0@position. The output looks like this:

<pos>std/string.hx:124: characters 1-54</pos>
Trivia: Effects of omitting a target specifier

In this example the compiler reports the standard String.hx definition which does not actually have an implementation. This happens because we did not specify any target, which is allowed in completion-mode. If the command line arguments included, say, --neko neko.n, the reported position would instead be std/neko/_std/string.hx:84: lines 84-98.