10.4 Math

Haxe includes a floating point math library for some common mathematical operations. Most of the functions operate on and return floats. However, an Int can be used where a Float is expected, and Haxe also converts Int to Float during most numeric operations (see Numeric Operators for more details).

Here are some example uses of the math library:

class Main {
  static public function main() {
    var x = 1/2;
    var y = 20.2;
    var z = -2;

    trace(Math.abs(z)); //2
    trace(Math.sin(x*Math.PI)); //1
    trace(Math.ceil(y)); //21

    // log is the natural logarithm
    trace(Math.log(Math.exp(5))); //5

    // Output for neko target, may vary
    // depending on platform
    trace(1/0); //inf
    trace(-1/0); //-inf
    trace(Math.sqrt(-1)); //nan
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