Support Plans

In addition to the free Community Support, the Haxe Foundation offers the following Paid Support Plans:

  Free Professional Enterprise Elite
Open Source Community
Free access to the active Haxe Open Source community that will be able to answer most of your technical questions.
Haxe Foundation Supporter
You company logo will be listed as part of the Haxe Foundation supporters, this will help you recruiting and getting in touch with the best Haxe developers.
Technical Support
You will get in touch by email with one of our Haxe technical experts that will help you with your issues regarding Haxe. We will not debug your own application code, but we will help you understand at the best of our expertise why the issue occurs and how you can pinpoint and fix it. Of course if it's a bug on our side, we will fix it accordingly.
20 hours
100 hours
400 hours
Priority Bug Fixes
File a bug report and we will address them with the highest priority. Once fixed, you will be able to access either the current Git build or at your request a custom build against the latest release with your bug fixed.
72 hours initial response time after the bug report was filled.
48 hours initial response time after the bug report was filled.
Jobs Page
You get listed in priority on our Jobs page
Features Requests
Suggest us any feature that you might need, we will examine your request with care and provide a proper answer about its potential for inclusion.
Phone/Skype Support
Allow you to schedule a phone or Skype talk to discuss your issues with our experts directly.
Foundation Board Seat
You will get a representative seat as part of the Haxe Foundation Advisory Board. You will be able to explain your strategy with Haxe to other members and discuss with our technical experts the way Haxe could evolve to match your goals. You will also be able to propose projects to be sponsored by the foundation, and get involved with discussions regarding Haxe middle and long term strategy choices.
On demand releases
You can ask for a specific release being tailored for your needs out of our usual release schedule.
Haxe Summit Sponsor
Your company is promoted as part of the top sponsors in our Haxe Summit events, which get you all the advantages it provides including sponsored talk. See
Price / year Free $6,500 / 6.000€1 $26,000 / 24.000€ $98,000 / 89.000€

1 reserved for companies under $5M annual revenue

Technologies Covered: the support plans cover the Haxe compiler and the full Haxe standard library. If you have an issue with a Haxe Foundation-sponsored technology, we will also contact the technology author and do our best so it gets fixed quickly, although this might take more time since people not working for the Foundation might get involved.

If you want to get paid support or if you have any question regarding our paid support plans, please contact us at

After years of open source development, the Haxe Foundation was created to fund long term Haxe development and provide support to companies using Haxe.

The goals of the Haxe Foundation are:

  • To support the whole Haxe ecosystem by funding core technologies
  • To provide a single point of contact for Companies that wish to evaluate Haxe as a potential solution
  • To offer Paid Support Plans ensuring that somebody will always be available to answer the phone when you need help
  • To help the Haxe Open Source Community by organizing events and user groups

Read more about our support plans above or donate to help fund Haxe development.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry regarding Haxe usage.