6.4.3 Variable capture

It is possible to catch any value of a sub-pattern by matching it against an identifier:

    var myTree = Node(Leaf("foo"), Node(Leaf("bar"), Leaf("foobar")));
    var name = switch(myTree) {
      case Leaf(s): s;
      case Node(Leaf(s), _): s;
      case _: "none";
    trace(name); // foo

This would return one of the following:

  • If myTree is a Leaf, its name is returned.
  • If myTree is a Node whose left sub-tree is a Leaf, its name is returned (this will apply here, returning "foo").
  • Otherwise "none" is returned.

It is also possible to use = to capture values which are further matched:

    var node = switch(myTree) {
      case Node(leafNode = Leaf("foo"), _): leafNode;
      case x: x;
    trace(node); // Leaf(foo)

Here, leafNode is bound to Leaf("foo") if the input matches that. In all other cases, myTree itself is returned: case x works similar to case _ in that it matches anything, but with an identifier name like x it also binds the matched value to that variable.