Haxe for Cross Platform APIs

When you write an API or library with Haxe, you can share it across all relevant Haxe targets.

Write your library in a powerful language, and share the resulting code with other Haxe projects. You can even package it for use in external JS or Flash based projects.

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  • Nape Physics Engine

    A powerful, fast and friendly 2D physics engine available for Haxe or AS3 projects. Written in Haxe.

  • Tinkerbell

    A fully cross-platform library containing light-weight tools for robust programming. Written in Haxe with cross-platform performance and consistency in mind.

  • MMVC

    A Haxe-powered MVC library written by Massive Interactive that works on AVM1, AVM2, JavaScript, Neko and C++.

  • Massivision

    An industry-leading suite of products to manage and deliver media and entertainment services across connected devices.

Popular Libraries

  • MassiveUnit

    A unit testing library that features a command-line runner for multiple platforms, continuous integration support and report generation.

  • Dox

    Automatically create API documentation from your .hx files. Used by many projects, including Flambe, Ufront and Haxe itself.

  • Tinkerbell

    A cross platform set of core utilities to aid in robust programming. See also tink_macro to help build maintainable macros for your library.


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