12.10.3 Haxe/C# Defines

Besides -D net-ver and -D net-target:

  • -D dll compile to a .NET assembly instead of an executable file. Added automatically when no --main is specified.
  • -D real-position don't generate #line directives that map C# expression positions to original .hx files. Useful for tracking down issues related to code generation.
  • -D no-root generate package-less haxe types in the haxe.root namespace to avoid conflicts with other types in the root namespace
  • -D erase-generics fully erase type parameters from generated C# files and generate non-generic classes. This is useful in some cases, like working with .NET Micro Framework or preventing generics-related issues with Unity3D AOT compiler.
  • -D no-compilation only generate C# sources and don't invoke C# compiler on them.
  • -D keep-old-output by default haxe cleans up stale generated source files from the output directory. This define disables that behaviour.
  • -D dll-import

Haxe automatically adds NET_xx defines where xx is major and minor version numbers .NET versions up to selected one. For example, when using .NET 4.0 (by providing -D net-ver=40), we have the following defines set automatically: NET_20, NET_21, NET_30, NET_35 and NET_40. If we had -D net-ver=30, we would only have NET_20, NET_21 and NET_30.