Haxe for Command Line Interface (CLI) Apps

Haxe gives you a type-safe, fast and portable way to write CLI apps.

Use the language and libraries you are familiar with to write tasks for your servers or development environment.

The neko target provides a simple and powerful environment for running your Haxe CLI tools on any platform, and it integrates seamlessly with Haxelib. CLI apps can also be compiled to Java, PHP, C++ and more.

Haxe lets us build CLI tools to power our web-app: unit testing, asset management, deployment and data migration. And it all works consistently across different environments, interacting seamlessly with the models and APIs from our Web-App.

Jason O'Neil, Lead Developer, Sheridan Research Institute


  • MassiveUnit

    A unit testing framework and tool written with MassiveLib. Provides reports and integrates with Continuous Integration systems.

  • OpenFL

    OpenFL's command line tool provides shortcuts to install SDKs, build for multiple platforms, and package your app or game for deployment.

  • IHX

    IHX (Interactive Haxe) provides a REPL-like environment for you to test your Haxe code one line at a time. It is super useful and written for neko.

Popular Libraries

  • Tinkerbell CLI

    Tinkerbell CLI leverages Haxe macros to handle different routing options from the command line. It also includes support for async and sub-commands.

  • MCLI

    MCLI uses Haxe macros to automatically take care of different routing options for your command line app. It even provides automatic help information based off comments in your code.

  • Haxe Checkstyle

    Haxe Checkstyle is a static analysis tool to help developers write Haxe code that adheres to a coding standard.

  • MassiveLib

    MassiveLib provides tools for creating complex CLI apps and interacting with the local system easily.


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