10.1.1 String literals

A string literal is a sequence of characters inside a pair of double quotes or single quotes:

var a = "foo";
var b = 'foo';
trace(a == b); // true

The only difference between the two forms is that single-quoted literals allow string interpolation.

Escape sequences
SequenceMeaningUnicode codepoint (decimal)Unicode codepoint (hexadecimal)
\thorizontal tab (TAB)90x09
\nnew line (LF)100x0A
\rnew line (CR)130x0D
\"double quote340x22
\'single quote390x27
\NNNASCII escape where NNN is 3 octal digits0 - 1270x00 - 0x7F
\xNNASCII escape where NN is a pair of hexadecimal digits0 - 1270x00 - 0x7F
\uNNNNUnicode escape where NNNN is 4 hexadecimal digits0 - 655350x0000 - 0xFFFF
\u{N...}Unicode escape where N... is 1-6 hexadecimal digits0 - 11141110x000000 - 0x10FFFF