Haxe for Mobile App Development

Write mobile apps that target all major platforms and run at native speed.

The C++ target allows you to target major mobile platforms at native speed. OpenFL and NME provide support for creating interfaces using a Flash-like API, with libraries such as StablexUI and HaxeUI providing touch-friendly UI components.

If you are targeting mobile via HTML5, you can also package your app with tools such as PhoneGap or the Haxe specific Croxit.

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Popular Libraries

  • OpenFL

    A framework built on Haxe that provides the Flash API on several mobile platforms, and tooling to help compile and test your app on each platform.

  • HaxeUI

    A collection of touch-friendly UI components to use with OpenFL, NME, Flash or Adobe AIR.

  • StablexUI

    A macro powered UI framework for use on OpenFL, NME, Flash or Adobe AIR.


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