9.3.3 Class Reification

It is also possible to use reification to obtain an instance of haxe.macro.Expr.TypeDefinition. This is indicated by the macro class syntax as shown here:

class Main {
  macro static function generateClass(funcName:String) {
    var c = macro class MyClass {
      public function new() {}

      public function $funcName() {
        trace($v{funcName} + " was called");
    return macro new MyClass();

  public static function main() {
    var c = generateClass("myFunc");

The generated TypeDefinition instance is typically passed to haxe.macro.Context.defineType in order to add a new type to the calling context (not the macro context itself).

This kind of reification can also be useful to obtain instances of haxe.macro.Expr.Field, which are available from the fields array of the generated TypeDefinition.