6.4.12 Single pattern check

The compiler provides the function match to check if an enum value matches a given pattern:

    var myTree = Node(Leaf("foo"), Node(Leaf("bar"), Leaf("foobar")));
    var value = "foo";
    trace(myTree.match(Leaf(_))); // false
    trace(myTree.match(Node(_)|Leaf(_))); // true
    trace(myTree.match(Node(Leaf("foo"),_))); // true
    trace(myTree.match(Node(Leaf(value),_))); // true

As this function only tests if the pattern is matched, guards and variable capture are unavailable.

The match function is equivalent to a switch with a single case for the given pattern, returning true, and a default returning false.

    // is equivalent to
    switch(myTree) {
      case Node(_):
      case _:

See the EnumValue API documentation (since Haxe 3.2.1) for more information.