12.10.4 Haxe/C# Metadata

This is the list of C# specific metadata. For more information, see also the complete list of all Haxe built-in metadata.

@:nativeGenon classesdon't generate reflection, generate proper type parameters. This is useful for some sort of interop, but slows down reflection and structural typing
@:nativeGenon "flat" enumsgenerate C# enum, but note that C# enums are not-nullable unlike haxe enums, so using null will be generated as a default enum value (0-indexed constructor).
@:propertyon non-physical fields (those with get/set/never accessors)generate native C# properties. useful for implementing extern interfaces or providing API for use from C#
@:eventon variablesgenerate an event delegate (this also requires pairing add_EventName, remove_EventName methods with relevant signatures
@:protectedon a fieldmark field as protected instead of public (could affect reflection, but useful for hiding fields when providing API for use from outside Haxe)
@:structon classesgenerate struct instead of class