Haxe for Websites and Web Apps

Haxe gives you a powerful language and useful libraries for writing both server-side and client-side code.

On the client, you can target HTML 5 with Haxe's JavaScript target. Haxe's strict type system means you catch errors at compile-time, and can maintain large code bases with confidence. You can interact with existing JS libraries using externs. You can also create SWFs for interactive media targeting the Flash Player.

On the server, you can target PHP (for cheap hosting), Neko (for massive speed increases), or NodeJS for access to the massive NodeJS repository of libraries and tools. You can also use Haxe's macro powered DB Records to sync your Haxe objects with your database.

Best of all, your client-side code and your server-side code can use the same language, sharing common code, and communicating effortlessly via Haxe Remoting.

Haxe is what JS should be: a lightweight, easy to learn, statically typed language with a real and useful compiler.

Peter Halacsy, Co-Founder & CTO at Prezi

Using Haxe to build our web-app meant we were able to build code that ran fast, was maintainable, and made it painless to jump between client and server without skipping a beat.

Jason O'Neil, Lead Developer, Sheridan Research Institute


  • Net Wars

    A Haxe/HTML5 powered site featuring interactive video, infographics, social media and more.

  • LID Shirtshop

    Interactive online shop built with Haxe. (HTML5/JS Frontend, NodeJS backend).

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Popular Libraries

  • Haxe JS Kit

    A collection of externs to interact with key JS projects, including NodeJS, Express, Socket.io and more.

  • Haxe modular

    Code splitting and hot-reload for Haxe-JS applications. Haxe modular is a set of tools and support classes allowing Webpack-like code-splitting, lazy loading and hot code reloading. Without Webpack and the JS fatigue.

  • Ufront

    Ufront is a full-featured, extensible MVCA web framework that works on the client or server.

  • Haxe React

    React JS applications development using the Haxe language

  • jQuery (From the Std Library)

    A simple way to interact with jQuery from Haxe. There is also a more up-to-date set of externs in the jQueryExtern lib.

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