Compiler Targets

The following table gives an overview of available Haxe targets:

NameKindStatic typingSysSince
Flashbyte codeYesNoalpha (2005)
JavaScriptsourceNoNobeta (2006)
ActionScript 3sourceYesNo1.12 (2007)
PHPsourceNoYes2.0 (2008)
C++sourceYesYes2.04 (2009)
JavasourceYesYes2.10 (2012)
C#sourceYesYes2.10 (2012)
PythonsourceNoYes3.2 (2015)
LuasourceNoYes3.3 (2016)
PHP7sourceNoYes3.4 (2016)
Nekobyte codeNoYesalpha (2005)
HashLinkbyte code + sourceYesYes3.4 (2016)


  • "Static typing: Yes" means the target platform natively supports static typing. Haxe code itself is statically typed no matter what target it is compiled to.
  • "Sys: Yes" means the target supports the System api.