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Change Log

  • js : added js.JQuery
  • all : added @:overload
  • js : upgraded js.SWFObject from 1.4.4 inlined to 1.5 embedded
  • js : code generator beautify
  • all : ensure that modifying returned Type.getEnumConstructs array does not affect enum
  • all : allow macro typed parameters (other than Expr)
  • flash : added flash11 apis
  • neko : added support for https to haxe.Http (using hxssl library)
  • all : added haxe.Int64
  • all : added haxe.Int32 isNeg,isZero,ucompare, fixed overflows for js/flash8/php
  • all : bugfix when optimizing inlined immediate function call
  • all : fixed "using" on macro function
  • all : allowed member macros functions (called as static)
  • neko : allowed serialization of haxe.Int32 (as Int)
  • all : fixed invalid optimization of two constant numbers comparison
  • flash8 : bugfix Std.parseInt with some hex values
  • flash9 : added flash.utils.RegExp
  • all : changed @:build behavior, now takes/returns a var with anonymous fields
  • all : added @:native support for enums
  • neko : changed the result of array-assign expression (was null)
  • flash9 : no longer auto create enums from SWF classes
  • (need explicit "enum" type patch)
  • all : optimized variable tracking/renaming
  • all : optimized macro engine (speed x2)
  • all : added -D macrotimes support
  • flash9 : store resources in bytes tag instead of bytecode
  • all : allow $ prefixed identifiers (for macros usage only)
  • all : allow to access modules subtype statics with pack.Mod.Type.value
  • and fixed identifier resolution order
  • flash9 : added @:bitmap("file") for simple embedding
  • all : added haxe.web.Dispatch
  • js : added js.Storage
  • all : allow this + member variables access in local functions
  • added untyped this support and transition error
  • all : added haxe.macro.MacroType
  • neko : neko.Lib.serialize/unserialize now returns bytes
  • neko : added sys.db package (crossplatform with -D spod_macro support)
  • spod_macro now uses wrappers for Bytes (require neko 1.8.2)
  • php : added --php-prefix for prefixing generated files and class names
  • all : added type_expr_with_type enum support
  • php/js : fixed adding 'null' to StringBuf
  • all : added haxe.macro.Context.defineType

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