Haxe 2.9.0

Released: 2012-04-12

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Change Log

  • all : optimized const == const and const != const (with different const types)
  • all : add Type.allEnums(e)
  • all : big improvements with completion speed and fixed many issues
  • flash9 : fixed -D swfprotected with swc output
  • neko : added ~ implementation
  • js : upgraded jquery version, more api overloads
  • sys : added "in" operator for spod macros, added relation access in expressions
  • macro : added ECheckType
  • macro : added TLazy for not-yet-typed class fields
  • js/php/neko : added haxe.web.Request
  • all : added Std.format
  • js : trace() output fallback on console.log if no id="haxe:trace"
  • all : ensure that Std.is(2.0,Int) returns true on all platforms
  • js : replaced $closure by function.$bind + changes in output format
  • all : allowed @:extern on static methods (no generate + no closure + force inlining)
  • all : added documentation in --display infos + display overloads in completion
  • js : removed --js-namespace, added $hxClasses
  • flash : output traces to native trace() when using -D fdb or -D nativeTrace
  • all : allowed abitrary string fields in anonymous objects
  • all : allowed optional structure fields (for constant structs)
  • all : allowed optional args in functions types (?Int -> Void)
  • all : added Reflect.getProperty/setProperty (except flash8)
  • all : added --wait and --cwd and --connect (parsed files and module caching)
  • all : fixed completion in macros calls arguments
  • all : fixed DCE removing empty but still used interfaces/superclasses
  • all : added haxe.Utf8 (crossplatform)
  • neko : Reflect now uses $fasthash (require neko 1.8.2)
  • all : allow \uXXXX in regexp (although not supported everywhere)
  • js : make difference between values and statements expressions in JSGenApi
  • js : added source mapping with -debug (replace previous stack emulation)
  • flash : added @:file("a.dat") class File extends flash.utils.ByteArray
  • flash : added @:sound("file.wav|mp3") class S extends flash.media.Sound
  • js : added --js-modern for wrapping output in a closure and ES5 strict mode
  • all : null, true and false are now keywords
  • all : neko.io.Path, cpp.io.Path and php.io.Path are now haxe.io.Path
  • neko, cpp, php : added Sys class, sys.io and sys.net packages and "sys" define
  • all : allow to access root package with std prefix (std.Type for example)
  • all : added haxe.EnumFlags
  • sys : io.File.getChar/stdin/stdout/stderr are now in Sys class
  • cpp : Reflect.getField and Reflect.setField no longer call property functions. Use Reflect.getProperty and Refelect.setProperty instead.
  • cpp : Default arguments now use Null<T> for performance increase and interface compatibility
  • cpp : Added metadata options for injecting native cpp code into headers, classes and functions
  • php : added php.Lib.mail
  • (hotfix) fixed bug in completion and disabled profiling on Linux
  • (hotfix) fixed $ssize when doing new String(v) in neko
  • (hotfix) fixed bug with properties in interfaces for Flash & PHP