Haxe 4 is here!

Haxe is an open source high-level strictly-typed programming language with a fast optimizing cross-compiler.

Download 4.1.1
Released: 2020-05-22
Supported Platforms: iOS, C++, Android, HTML5, NodeJS, PHP, Neko, Java, C#, Python

Haxe can build cross-platform applications targeting JavaScript, C++, C#, Java, JVM, Python, Lua, PHP, Flash, and allows access to each platform's native capabilities. Haxe has its own VMs (HashLink and NekoVM) but can also run in interpreted mode.

Code written in Haxe can be compiled to any target Haxe supports.

When Haxe?

Haxe is useful in a wide variety of domains; games, web, mobile, desktop, command-line and cross-platform APIs. Take a look at who is using Haxe and explore the use cases.

Use Cases

Open Source

Haxe is a reliable open source technology and is free to use. Become contributor on GitHub, join our community on our Discord chat and forum and find us on Facebook, Twitter and StackOverflow.


Many libraries

Haxelib is the package manager for Haxe, which offers many free libraries powered by the Haxe community. Manage your project dependencies and distribute libraries.


Latest news

Haxe.io news
HaxeIn 2020
The Haxe Summit 2020 is dead - long live the HaxeIn 2020!
Module-level fields are here!
It is now possible to define functions and variables directly in Haxe modules
JVM Typed Functions
More details on how the JVM target got so fast with regards to anonymous functions and closures
Haxe 4.1.0 release
We figured this would be a good time for good news, so here's a Haxe release!

Latest videos

Welcome to the HaxeUp - Dan Korostelev

Welcome to the HaxeUp - Dan Korostelev

Simon Krajewski - Haxe Status Report

Simon Krajewski - Haxe Status Report

What's new in Haxe 4 - Andy Li

What's new in Haxe 4 - Andy Li

Haxe 4: What's New - Aleksandr Kuzmenko

Haxe 4: What's New - Aleksandr Kuzmenko

Haxe: An understated powerhouse for software development - George Corney

Haxe: An understated powerhouse for software development - George Corney


The Haxe Foundation

The goals of the Haxe Foundation are to support the Haxe ecosystem by funding core technologies, organizing events, helping the open-source community.

Haxe for your business?

If you are currently evaluating Haxe from either a business or technical point of view, you can contact us. We can help you either directly, or by putting you in touch with a consultant that will be able to help you understand how your company can benefit from using Haxe.

Partner program page

Haxe is what JavaScript should be: a lightweight, easy to learn, statically typed language with a real and useful compiler.

Peter Halacsy, Co-Founder & CTO at Prezi

Enterprise Partners

  • TiVo
  • Flowplay
  • Playtika
  • Docler Holding
  • Spiele Palast
  • InnoGames

Professional Partners

  • Area 9
  • iv247 Design Studio
  • Veith System
  • Proletariat