Haxe 2.3.0

Released: 2009-03-31

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Change Log

  • optimized Type.enumEq : use index instead of tag comparison for neko/flash9/php
  • bugfix for flash.display.BitmapDataChannel and GraphicsPathCommand (allow inline static)
  • resolve environment variable in -cmd commands
  • added flash.Vector.indexOf and lastIndexOf
  • fixed bug in interfaces that define the method toString (haXe/PHP)
  • fixed bug in haxe.io.BytesInput.readBytes in Flash9 (was throwing Eof if full buffer can't be readed)
  • fixed implements/extends special classes when they are imported
  • StringBuf now uses an array for JS implementation (around same on FF, faster on IE)
  • fixed assignment of field length in anonym objects (haXe/PHP)
  • fixed addEventListener typing for flash9
  • fixed vector generation for AS3 target
  • fix with inline functions : position is now the inserted position and not the original one (better error reporting)
  • added SWC output support
  • fixed issues with unset of values in for loops and executing blocks that return functions (haXe/PHP)
  • "throw" type is now Unknown instead of Dynamic (prevent type-hole in "if A else if B else throw")
  • added foreach for flash9/as3
  • fixed f9 verify error with different kind of functions
  • moved eof() from neko.io.FileOutput to FileInput
  • added haxe.rtti.HtmlEditor
  • added neko.db.Manager.setLockMode
  • genAS3 : fixed Error classes issues
  • genAS3 : fixed default basic type value in interfaces
  • flash9 : fixed UInt default parameter verify error
  • flash9 : fixed issue with flash.* string enums verify error
  • compiler : allowed \r line separators for HXML files
  • flash9 : fixed verify error with loop variable beeing a specific class
  • compiler : prevent truncating float dynamic values to int when using numerical operations
  • neko.db.Manager fix : synchronize fields after locking an unlocked cached object
  • compiler : fixed issue with cascading inline+haxe.rtti.Generic
  • optimizer : reduce constant int/float/bool expressions and immediate function calls
  • flash9/as3/php : don't add Boot.skip_constructor test if no side effects in constructor
  • compiler : added --no-opt to disable expr reduction
  • compiler : separated basic and advanced commandline options
  • compiler : fixed printing of sub-function types
  • genHX : fixed generation of classes that extends another class (shouldn't be turned into enums)
  • speedup Array.remove on flash9/js