Haxe 2.2.0

Released: 2008-11-23

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Change Log

  • Std.is(MyInterface, Class) now returns true (haXe/PHP)
  • php arrays are wrapped into _hx_array instances, fixes issues with references (array cast, access out of bounds ...)
  • removed untested php classes (php.DBase, php.IniHash)
  • added -D use_rtti_doc
  • flash.Lib.getTimer() now returns Int and is inlined
  • fixed php.FileSystem.stat
  • added memory related functions to php.Sys
  • added error when trying to extend Array, String, Date and Xml
  • fixed handling of implements ArrayAccess
  • fixed some minor things in flash10 api
  • switch/for/while/do/try/if are no longer using parse_next (parenthesises requ. instead)
  • fixed Type.typeof and Std.is in case of too much large integers for Flash6-8/JS
  • haxe.xml.Check : treat comments the same as PCDATA spaces
  • haxe.io.BytesData now uses strings instead of arrays for PHP
  • compiler : optimized line calculus from ast position
  • lexer : allow identifiers starting with _[0-9]
  • fixed access to flash.Vector methods : use AS3 namespace (faster)
  • bugfix in inline functions : modifying a parameter can't modify a real local var anymore
  • bugfix in inline functions : handle class type parameters and method type parameters
  • fixed issue with Int default value for Float parameter
  • flash9 : bugfix when using the retval after setting a closure variable
  • added flash.Memory API for flash10 alchemy opcodes access
  • changed #if as3gen to #if as3 when generating as3 code
  • fixed as3 flash.Vector generation
  • fixed haxe.io.BytesOutput for flash9 : set default to little-endian
  • some flash9 fixes related to extern enums
  • updated flash.text.engine package with haxe enums
  • flash9 : use target file path for Boot unique ID instead of random number
  • as3 : fixed bug when anonymous field was a reserved identifier
  • flash9 : added flash.Lib.vectorOfArray and vectorConvert for flash10
  • added -D check-js-packages to allow several haxe-generated js files in same page