Haxe 2.4.0

Released: 2009-07-26

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Change Log

  • flash9 : fixed get_full_path error with -D fdb
  • js : fixed Array.remove on IE
  • flash8 : removed extra empty AS3 tag (causing some issue with F8 loadMovie)
  • improved speed of Bytes unserializing (no need for BytesBuffer)
  • flash9 : bugfix, Null<Typedef> was generating dynamic code
  • flash9 : added error message in flash.Vector if used without flash 10
  • flash9 : fixed some "never" property access issues
  • all : added "never" property access support for all platforms
  • js : small syntax fix with value-blocks
  • js : fixed Type.enumEq with null values
  • js/flash8 : use &0xFF in haxe.io.Bytes.set
  • flash9 : fixed switch on Null<Int> verify error
  • flash9 : fixes related to UInt type + error when using Int/UInt comparison
  • as3 : improved Vector support, inline flash.Lib.as
  • as3 : bugfix with skip_constructor
  • as3 : added Enum.constructs (allow Type.getEnumConstructs)
  • as3 : make all constructor parameters optional (allow Type.createEmptyInstance)
  • as3 : bugfix with property access inside setter (stack overflow)
  • all : Enum is now Enum<T>;
  • all : added Type.createEnumIndex
  • all : forbid same name for static+instance field (not supported on several platforms)
  • all : renamed haxe.Http.request to "requestUrl"
  • all : renamed neko.zip.Compress/Uncompress.run to "execute"
  • spod : fix very rare issue with relations and transactions
  • compiler : added TClosure - optimize closure creation and ease code generation
  • cpp : added CPP platform
  • all : added 'using' syntax
  • neko : added 'domains' optional param to ThreadRemotingServer to answer policy-file-request
  • php : fixed php.db.Mysql so that getResult is consistent with Neko behavior
  • php : fixed __toString for anonymouse objects
  • php : fixed bug in overridden dynamic functions
  • php : fixed round to be consistent with other platforms
  • php : fixed bug concatenating two dynamic variables
  • php : php.Lib.rethrow now works as expected
  • flash9 : fixed bug with SWC output and recursive types
  • flash8 : fixed inversed arguments in new
  • neko : added neko.net.Socket.setFastSend
  • php: fixed String.charCodeAt
  • php: minor optimization (removed foreach from std code)
  • php: implemented haxe.Stack
  • php: changed exception handler to use haXe call stack
  • php: changed special vars to use the ยป prefix instead of __
  • php: fixed use of reserved keywords for var names
  • php: List iterator is now class based (faster)
  • php: fixed behavior of class variables having assigned functions
  • php: fixed php.db.Manager (was uncorrectly removing superclass fields)
  • php: added support for native Iterator and IteratorAggregate interfaces
  • all : added --display classes and --display keywords
  • all : fixed issue with optional parameters in inline functions
  • all : allow implementing interfaces with inline methods
  • all : enable inlining for getter/setter/iterator/resolve/using