Haxe 2.1.0

Released: 2008-10-04

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The latest stable version is Haxe 4.2.3.

Change Log

  • fixed php.Sys
  • added neko.NativeString and neko.NativeArray
  • fixed php.Boot.__string_rec() when invoked from toString
  • fixed null references in class constructors for array arguments
  • fixed Type.enumParameters() and Type.typeOf() for PHP
  • fixed SPOD/MySql for PHP
  • fixed php.net.Socket.setTimeout(), php.io.Process
  • fixed php.Web.setCookie() for expire time
  • fixed php rethrow in catches and added the possibility to catch native exceptions
  • added runttime check for php.io.Socket.shutdown (uses fclose in php 5.1.x)
  • allowed optional Context in remoting connections
  • fixed extern classes for flash < 8
  • fixed inherited protected/private properties in as3 SWF library
  • fixed haxe.io float/double in Neko (when bigEndian was null)
  • added FSCommand2 support
  • optimized haxe.Unserializer (use faster buffer access)
  • use "Dynamic" instead of Dynamic->Void for flash9 IEventDispatcher
  • always use full classes paths for genAS3
  • prevent different get/set property accesses when implementing an interface
  • fixed assign of dynamicfunction references in PHP
  • haXe/PHP now generates code for extern classes init
  • added strings literal support in haxe.Template
  • fixed Process arguments and exitCode() in haXe/PHP
  • fixed hierarchy problem for classes with the name from different packages haXe/PHP
  • php.db.Mysql now throws an exception when tries to connect to an unexistant DB
  • fixed blocks in if statements for haXe/PHP
  • added php check on the full hierarchy for colliding names
  • added support for "g" modifier in EReg for PHP
  • PHP now generates __toString for classes that have toString defined
  • implemented php.Lib.getClasses()
  • fixed duplicate fields in Type.getInstanceFields on subclass
  • Enum is no longer defined inside Type but is standalone class
  • fixed Date.getDay on Neko/Windows (use %w instead of %u)
  • fixed memory leak with PHP closures
  • fixed wrong scope in PHP closures
  • fixed Array.reverse() in PHP
  • fixed Reflect.compareMethods in Neko (require Neko 1.8.0)
  • fixed flash7-8 register usage for init and static variables initialization
  • moved StringTools.baseEncode/Decode to haxe.BaseCode
  • fixed binary resources for Flash, JS and PHP outputs
  • fixed compiler bug with inline + optional arguments
  • fixed Type.createInstance and createEmptyInstance with Array for flash6-8