Haxe 2.0.0

Released: 2008-07-28

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The latest stable version is Haxe 4.2.3.

Change Log

  • fixed current package bug in inherited constructor type
  • delayed type-parameter constraints check (allow mutual rec extends for SPOD)
  • improved unclosed macro error reporting
  • haXe/PHP integration
  • renamed NekoSocketConnection to SyncSocketConnection (php support)
  • fixes in genAs3
  • fix for flash9 : always coerce call return type
  • set all private+protected names from SWF lib to public (allow override+reflect)
  • flash9 : use findprop instead of findpropstrict for 'this' access (allow dynamic)
  • don't allow nullness changes in overrided/implemented
  • prevent typing hole with overriden polymorphic methods
  • added neko.vm.Mutex and neko.vm.Deque (included in neko 1.7.1)
  • added package remapping using --remap