Haxe 2.0.0-rc.1

Released: 2008-07-17

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Change Log

  • genneko : remove big array error (fixed in neko 1.7.1)
  • fixed neko.net.ThreadRemotingServer.onXML
  • genswf9 : fixed verify error with Null<Class> (was using dynamic access)
  • small patch for jsfl support
  • added .cca for faster string operations on Flash9/Flash/JS
  • bugfix with inlined local variables
  • upgraded flash9 api to flex3/player 9.0.115
  • override is now mandatory, no more --override
  • dynamic is now a keyword
  • f9dynamic is now dynamic and is mandatory on all platforms
  • public/private/dynamic are inherited by default when overriding a method
  • removed Reflect.empty() : use {} instead
  • changed #else by #elseif, added #else
  • flash9 : optimized Hash,IntHash,StringBuf (use typed value)
  • Reflect.field/setField/callMethod , Type.enumIndex and StringBuf methods are now inlined
  • optimized haxe.Md5 : don't use statics
  • allow up to 8 parameters in Reflect.createInstance
  • flash9 : some minor optimizations in haxe.Serializer
  • added haxe.io package (removed things from neko.io)
  • __resolve becomes resolve (and should be documented)
  • added haxe.Int32
  • removed neko.Int32
  • removed neko.io.Input/Output/Eof/Error/Logger/Multiple/StringInput/StringOutput
  • removed neko.net.RemotingServer
  • changed neko apis to use haxe.io and Bytes instead of String buffers
  • fixed big bug in js/flash8 debug stack handling
  • complete rewrite of haxe.remoting package
  • haxe.io.Bytes serialization support* (replace deprecated string support)
  • removed === and !==
  • removed Std.bool
  • fixed : Reflect.field(null) in flash9 doesn't throw an error anymore
  • removed Type.toClass and Type.toEnum
  • Dynamic type is now a class and not an enum
  • moved reflection support for core types from Boot to Std
  • fixed Type.getClassName/getEnumName/resolve for core flash9 types
  • renamed haxe.rtti.Type to haxe.rtti.CType (with changes in prefix)
  • added haxe.TimerQueue, added haxe.Timer.delay, remove haxe.Timer.delayed
  • flash9 : bugfix, generated interfaces were empty
  • fixed bug while writing block-vars in flash/js
  • added parameters default value (constants)
  • removed Std.resource, Std.ord, Std.chr
  • added haxe.Resource, allow binary data in resources
  • added Type.createEnum
  • check that local variables get correctly initialized before usage
  • haxe.Stack support for flash9