HaxeIn 2020

The Haxe Summit 2020 is dead - long live the HaxeIn 2020!

Article by Josefiene Pertosa on 2020-06-02.


HaxeIn 2020

Every year when the call for speakers for the Haxe Summit goes up, we get a few people who would love to give a talk - virtually.

Well, haxian friends of the remote speaking persuasion, your time has come!

The Bad News

In March, I kept telling myself that there was a long way to go until October. I didn't feel super confident about this whole thing just blowing over in a month or two, but I still wanted to make room for the possibility that things might loosen up enough.

I am sad to say that that is not the case. Even though Germany is faring very well compared to other places and might permit small events again soon, there will still be severe restrictions. I checked in with the city government, and they advised that a strong recommendation to use masks and other hygiene measures is likely to still be in place in October. That, to me, does not sound like an encouraging atmosphere for holding the Haxe Summit. Besides - the room is big, but not big enough for keeping the required distance.

Another consideration is the travel situation. Right now, there are still severe limitations. Even if the bans were lifted in time, I don't think many people would be all too eager to get on a plane when it is not a true necessity.

So yes, we are cancelling the event.

The Good News

Of course, we can't just leave things like that. The current situation is challenging, but in some ways, it is also an opportunity to think outside the box and find new ways to connect. In the long run, this push towards closer digital interaction might open up doors and experiences we just didn't consider before.

Instead of the Haxe Summit, we will hold a virtual conference this year - on the same days. In case you've already scratched it from your calendar:

The first-ever HaxeIn will happen from October 14th-17th 2020 all over the Haxian World!

I am absolutely excited to finally organize a virtual thing!

The event will feature speakers and workshops. Over the next few days, we'll check in with our already confirmed speakers to make sure they are still on. We'll keep you tuned.

In the meantime, here is the most important thing:

We are looking for speakers!

Speak up and come help us bring this show online.

I know we can make something extraordinary happen in our very own haxe-shaped corner of the internet. Who knew that magic was orange?!

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By Josefiene Pertosa

Published 2020-06-02