The Haxe Summit is Small Potatoes

Growing the Haxe Communty one potato at a time.

Article by Josefiene Pertosa on 2019-03-24.


The Haxe Summit is Small Potatoes

I love potatoes. I love them with the kind of passion that frequently makes me the butt of the joke whenever someone notices my ridiculous delight over a potato-based dish. Let's just say Simon does not call me "little potato" because I am small and round. I am not! Besides, potatoes make vodka - How can anyone not be in love?

The most exciting thing about growing potatoes is that while you eat the large ones, you keep the smallest and healthiest ones as seeds. Three kilograms of seed potatoes can yield 24 to 30 kilograms of new fruit. Talk about a return on investment! Even if you take out the 3kg of seed potatoes you need for the next year, you still have a nifty profit of 700 - 900 %.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the Haxe Summit is like small potatoes.

Well, one small potato anyway. It does not look like much, and it is way down there as far as size and attendee numbers of tech conferences go.

And still, every year, we put on this small event even though the demand is not always that big. This year, for example, some of the European Haxians are staying home, and the American community is still in its early stages. Another small potato looking to grow.

Growing potatoes

When you want to grow potatoes, you pick the small ones. Then you go and bury them underground for a long time. You wait. Maybe you water them a little if it is a very dry summer, but mostly, you wait. When it's autumn, you dig up the field and, if you are anything like me, do a happy dance because man, I gotta tell you, those things look SO GOOD when they are fresh out of the ground.

When you come to the Haxe Summit, we will give you super healthy seed potatoes (information, ideas, inspiration, connections, new people, vodka). We will also help you plant them. And then we will lean back together, enjoy the rest of the year and have some vodka-based cocktails until it is time to dig them up again. After that: Happy Dance!!!

Haxian potatoes

Here are some of the Haxian potatoes people have dug up:

  • jobs where Haxe is a thing
  • employees who know how to use Haxe
  • contributors for Haxe projects
  • hair colours that complement the logo (that was me)
  • relationships with Haxe in them (I think this is the big one!)

I don’t know about you but my feet are starting to tap-taps-dance just looking at that list. A lot happens at our small event and seeing Haxian potatoes grow is one of the coolest things ever. So, if you like Haxe or potatoes or both:

Come to the Haxe Summit!


P.S. Please distribute this to all your Haxe- and potato-loving friends! I mean it. Go and share this right now.

We have potatoes to grow!

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By Josefiene Pertosa

Published 2019-03-24