Haxe 4.0.0-preview.1

Released: 2017-09-12

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Release Notes

This is a Haxe 4 preview release for the Haxe Summit 2017 in Amsterdam.

As a preview release, it should not be considered stable and does, in fact, have some known issues. However, we appreciate anyone testing this version as it is going to ultimately help with the real Haxe 4 release. Please report issues at https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/haxe/issues.

Change Log

2017-09-12: 4.0.0-preview.1

New features:

  • all : reworked macro interpreter
  • all : added support for arrow functions

General improvements and optimizations:

  • js : improved generation of break inside switch inside loops (#4964)
  • cs : improved generation of enum classes (#6119)
  • sys : the database parameter of Mysql.connect is now optional
  • js : updated jQuery extern (js.jquery.*) for jQuery 1.12.4 / 3.2.1 support.
  • Makefile : default Unix installation location $(INSTALL_DIR) changed from /usr to /usr/local.
  • Makefile : default Unix std location $(INSTALL_STD_DIR) changed from $(INSTALL_LIB_DIR)/std to $(INSTALL_DIR)/share/haxe/std.



  • php7: fix Reflect.field() for strings (#6276)
  • php7: fix @:enum abstract generation without -dce full (#6175)
  • php7: fix using enum constructor with arguments as a call argument (#6177)
  • php7: fix null property access (#6281)
  • php7: fix setting values in a map stored in another map (#6257)
  • php7: fix haxe.io.Input.readAll() with disabled analyzer optimizations (#6387)
  • php/php7: fixed accessing enum constructors on enum type stored to a variable (#6159)
  • php/php7: fix "cannot implement previously implemented interface" (#6208)
  • php: fix invoking functions stored in dynamic static vars (#6158)
  • php: fix field access on new MyClass() expressions wrapped in a cast (#6294)

Standard Library:

  • all : added EReg.escape (#5098)
  • all : BalancedTree implements haxe.Constraints.IMap` (#6231)