Release Notes

Dear community,

We just released Haxe 3.1.2 with various fixes. It is available at

Make sure to check out the changelog (

Thank you for your support

Change Log


  • all : disallowed spaces between >>, >>>, >>= and >>>=
  • all : fix branching issue when switching on Dynamic values with only one case
  • all : added missing abstract cast call when checking for equality
  • all : fixed member fields initializations on parent classes that have no constructor
  • all : fixed toString usage of abstracts which are argument to Std.string
  • flash : avoid rare FP 12 PPAPI JIT crash
  • cpp : fixed bug in side-effect handler which caused incorrect behavior of while loops
  • js : fixed missing print function for enum values with DCE
  • macro : make sure member field initializations are respected

General improvements and optimizations:

  • all : cached file exist checks to speed up compilations with a lot of class paths
  • all : improved completion related to super class fields
  • all : allowed iterating on abstract which have get_length and @:arrayAccess fields
  • js : improved Type.allEnums implementation to avoid issues with obfuscation

Standard Library:

  • all : added
  • all : added