Release Notes

Dear community,

We just released Haxe 3.1.1 with various fixes. It is available at

Although originally intended as a pure bugfix release, three minor new features found their way in. Make sure to check out the changelog (

Thank you for your support

Change Log

New features:

  • all : added -D deprecation-warnings
  • all : allowed \u escape sequences in strings
  • cs : implemented haxe.CallStack


  • all : fixed wrong handling of "" and null in
  • all : fixed invalid cast-to-self generation on some abstracts
  • all : removed @:to Dynamic from UInt to avoid issues in the Map selection algorithm
  • all : fixed various issues with UInt
  • all : fixed position setter in
  • all : fixed various issues with member/static extension macros
  • flash : fixed invalid override involving single-constraint type parameters
  • flash8 : fixed various bugs
  • js : fixed a problem with Std.string(null) being optimized incorrectly
  • js : fixed custom generators
  • cpp : dealt with string literals that are too long for MSVC
  • cs : fixed various issues with -net-lib