The Haxe Foundation is Recruiting!

We are looking for people who are passionate about programming languages.

Article by Nicolas Cannasse on 2018-01-31.


The Haxe Foundation is Recruiting!

After a few years of working as a decentralized part-time team, I think that it is now a good time to start hiring some full-time people to work on Haxe. Thanks to our partners, we are able to hire for two full-time positions.

We are mostly looking for people who are passionate about programming languages and have a strong background in tech. No prior Haxe expertise is required as we can easily teach you Haxe. Of course, prior experience with Haxe would still be a plus.

Compiler Developer

As a Haxe compiler developer, you will be responsible for implementing various features and bug fixes as needed.

You are capable of making design and implementation proposals to be discussed for inclusion in the roadmap.

We are looking for:

  • good knowledge of functional programming (Haskell, OCaml, etc.)
  • excellent skills in algorithms and data structures
  • interest in compiler development, virtual machines, optimizations
  • good communication skills, ability to write and discuss specifications
  • knowledge in several of the following languages is a plus: Haxe, JavaScript, C++, Python, PHP, C#, Java, Lua.

The Haxe compiler is open source and available here:

This is a full time position, salary depends on experience.

Marketing and Communications Evangelist

As a M+C Evangelist, you will develop content around Haxe, as well as handle ingoing and outgoing communication for the Haxe Foundation and the Haxe partnership program.

Your objectives:

  • develop a strategy to increase the awareness of Haxe with relevant target groups (developers, potential corporate clients, etc.)
  • write content for Haxe’ online channels: tech articles, blog posts, video tutorials, content for the Haxe website, social media posts, etc.
  • develop the Haxe Foundation partnership program
  • engage with potential partner companies and encourage them to join the partnership program
  • help with the organization of Haxe-related events such as the Haxe Summit

You will have experience as a developer and a strong background in the tech industry. No prior Haxe experience is required, although it would be a plus. Ideally, you also have a good working knowledge of current SEO and online-marketing strategies and have worked in a communication-focussed role before.


  • excellent communication skills and excellent spoken and written English
  • developer background, you have no problem talking code with/to developers
  • enthusiasm for Haxe potential as a technology
  • basic (web) design skills are a plus

This is a full time position, salary depends on experience.


These positions are available in Bordeaux, France, if you wish to relocate. Bordeaux was elected best city in 2017 by Lonely Planet (

If you prefer to work remotely please let us know. We are open to remote work, but would prefer to have you with us so we can build an on-site core team.

If you have any question or are interested in applying for one of these positions, you can contact me at Please send a resume, a cover letter and some examples of your recent projects.

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By Nicolas Cannasse

Published 2018-01-31