A Haxe Track at the Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2018!

The Haxe Foundation has been accepted to participate in the community track program at HKOSCon 2018. Come join us there!

Article by Andy Li on 2018-02-02.


The annual Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon) has been one of the major developer events in the city. There have been hundreds of participates with a large number of overseas visitors attending talks and workshops each year.

I personally am a huge fan of the conference and have spoken there about Haxe a few times:

This year, HKOSCon introduced a community track program which allows individual communities to manage their own tracks at the conference - from the call for proposals and the selection of speakers to hosting the talks. Each community track will be comprised of two or more 30-minute sessions. Together with Mozilla, the LikeCoin Foundation, and many others, the Haxe Foundation is proud to be one of the selected communities!

This is super exciting because it will be the first official Haxe event in the Asian region. Remember that we have also just announced Haxe Summit in the US? Awesome! This is certainly a good year for Haxers to travel around the world :)

Call for Proposals

Now, we are calling on you for proposals for the Haxe Track at HKOSCon 2018. We will welcome any Haxe-related topics such as the sharing of Haxe programming techniques, an introduction to Haxe libraries and frameworks, or showcases of games/websites/apps built with Haxe. If it has Haxe inside, come present it!

The tentative date of HKOSCon 2018 is 2-3 June (Saturday - Sunday). The venue is to be confirmed (in Hong Kong for sure).

To submit a proposal, please fill out this form on or before 28 Feb 2018 08 Mar 2018.

Update: Video recordings

We had 2 talks in the Haxe track, and their video recordings can now be found at our video page!

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By Andy Li

Published 2018-02-02