EU Haxe Summit 2020 Announcement

The Haxe Summit is returning to Europe in 2020!

Article by Simon Krajewski on 2020-02-28.


EU Haxe Summit 2020 Announcement

It has been three years since we came together in Amsterdam for the Haxe Summit 2017. Following the proud tradition of European Haxe conferences, the coastal city in the lowlands was the last host to Haxe users on European soil at a large scale. Since then, the Haxe Summit traveled across the pond to another coast and found itself instantiated in Seattle for the Haxe Summit 2018 and 2019.

WWX 2015
The WWX 2015 in Mozilla's Paris offices was a major success

Not to be outdone, the European Haxe tribes filled the void in their heart by organizing smaller Haxe meetups and conferences. Cities like Luxembourg, London and Hamburg saw what was labeled HaxeUp Sessions - a mix of conference and party where Haxe users had the chance to get together, have fun and talk about Haxe. But all this started elsewhere...

The HaxeUp events in Linz am Rhein

In the Summer of 2018, saddened by the fact that no official European Haxe conference was to take place that year, we had this ad hoc idea to invite a bunch of people into our living room to give some relaxed talks about Haxe. It turned out that all you really needed for such an event was a webcam, a microphone, and an audience. Several core contributors joined us, as did various representatives of our Haxe Foundation partners. Also, the beautiful Rhineland blessed us with great weather, which contributed to an amazing atmosphere.

Linz Market Square
Linz welcomes international visitors

So much so that almost everyone (including the good weather) returned one year later for the HaxeUp 2019. And they brought even more people this time! I was privileged to announce the release of Haxe 4.0 in the comfort of my own living room. But alas, said living room had now reached its capacity. Were we to expand this event again, we would have to look for a different venue. And then, during a casual stroll through town one day, we passed the town hall and an idea was born.

EU Haxe Summit 2020

And thus, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that the EU Haxe Summit 2020 is going to take place in Linz am Rhein from October 14th to October 17th.

EU Haxe Summit 2020

We are looking forward to hosting an even bigger audience this time around! You can find further information on the official website:

As the date draws nearer, we will post additional information for attendees and those who might yet become attendees. If you have any questions, feel free to head on over to

Please share this announcement! Tweet it, mention it to your colleagues and raise overall awareness. We have big plans for this event, so any form of support is appreciated!

See you in Linz!

P.S.: We invited the good weather too.

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By Simon Krajewski

Published 2020-02-28