Release Notes

Dear Community,

On behalf of the Haxe Foundation, we are proud to announce the official release of Haxe 4.1.5!

This is a bugfix release. Check out the changelog below for more information.

If you have any suggestions or run into any problems, feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone involved!

Change Log

2020-12-31 4.1.5

General improvements:

  • all : added an argument to haxe.CallStack.exceptionStack to return full stack up to the topmost call (#9947)
  • php : compatibility with PHP 8


  • all : fixed empty object declarations in array comprehension (#9971)
  • jvm : fixed equality checks for Null<Float> and Null<Int> (#9897)
  • hl : fixed crash if a thread finishes without invoking sendMessage/readMessage (#9920)
  • php : fixed local vars with certain names (_SERVER, _GET etc) overriding super global values (#9924)
  • php : fixed generation with directories in -D php-front. For example -D php-front=sub/index.php (#10037)issues/
  • macro : added return type hint to haxe.macro.MacroStringTools.formatString (#9928)
  • cs : fixed catching exceptions from static closures (#9957)
  • eval : fixed Std.random(arg) for arg values of more than 30 bits (#9974)
  • js : fixed haxe.CallStack.exceptionStack (#9968)