Haxe 3.4.2


Source Code: The source code for this release is available on Github under the 3.4.2 tag.

API Documentation: Download the API documentation for this version as a ZIP file.

Release Notes

Dear Community,

On behalf of the Haxe Foundation I am proud to announce that Haxe 3.4.2 is now officially released! It is available along with the changelog at https://haxe.org/download.

This is a bugfix release for various minor issues that showed up in 3.4.1.

Please test your Haxe code with this version and let us know if you come across any problems at https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/haxe/issues.

Thank you for your support

Change Log

2017-03-20: 3.4.2


  • cpp : fixed issue with @:native names being prefixed with :: (#6086)
  • cpp : fixed issue with return type handling (#6103)
  • cpp : fixed inaccurate line numbers that threw off debugging
  • php7 : fixed generation of [][0] constructs (#6090)

Full Changelog: See all commits between tags 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 on Haxe's Github account.